Nordic Blockchain Association

Pioneering And Co-Creating Systems For A Better Future

Nordic Blockchain Association is an NGO that grows and nurtures the largest blockchain ecosystem in the Nordics. By providing tools to understand and utilize blockchain technology we bring together private enterprises, public organizations, academia and individuals.

Why blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is one of the most innovative and era defining discoveries of this century. Blockchain technology has begun to transform money, voting systems, supply chains, and public records and it is going to redefine the way we communicate and collaborate as a society.

Blockchain as we know it was originally invented for the digital currency, Bitcoin, that allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. Since its inception, there has been a growing hype surrounding this and many other cryptocurrencies, leaving many questioning how to reap the true benefits of this innovation.

Increased transparency and traceability, enhanced security as a result of cryptography, and a decentralized infrastructure are just some of the benefits of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology looks increasingly attractive to adopt compared to current paper intensive processes, compromised security systems, and centralized and standardized hierarchies.

At Nordic Blockchain Association we believe that the rate of adoption of blockchain technology will speed up. Bitcoin’s market capitalization as of August 18 2018 is a staggering $100 billion US dollars. The amount of money being pumped into the industry is fuelling its adoption and development. Use cases in a multitude of industries are emerging. Fast. However, we believe that the most revolutionary applications are yet to come.

This is why we want to create a cross-disciplinary discourse between private enterprises, public sector organisations, academia and individuals to overcome the hype and to help develop conscious and impactful blockchain-based applications. The fourth industrial revolution is at our doorstep and we are here to guide it in the right direction.