Blockchain in the public sector

Nordic Blockchain Association partners with Dutch Government Blockchain Projects – co-creating best practices

Blockchain technology has a large disruptive potential that is already evident in the private sector, and the public sector is not immune to the paradigmatic shift of the blockchain revolution. The Danish public sector needs the tools to understand the threats and opportunities of the disruptive and groundbreaking technology.

To meet this digital transformation and help the Danish public sector overcome this challenge, The Nordic Blockchain Association have partnered with the Dutch Government Blockchain Projects. The aim is to facilitate the implementation of blockchain in the Danish government and to develop innovative use cases in the public sector.

Marloes Pomp is the co-founder of the Dutch Government Blockchain Projects. She will be speaking at the inspirational seminar on May 4th.

Nordic Blockchain Association in partnership with the Dutch Government Blockchain Projects,  will help the public sector create a tangible framework to reduce fraud, corruption, error and the cost of paper intensive processes.

The aim of the pilot projects is to enhance the knowledge regarding blockchain, to create tangible solutions to pressing issues within the public sector, and to create a positive impact on society.

Model behaviour
The Dutch Government Blockchain Projects is an initiative that was established to ‘map the possibilities of the technology’, prototype and then launch the blockchain pilot projects in the public sector.

Under the leadership of Marloes Pomp, Dutch Government Blockchain Projects has successfully begun the implementation of blockchain in the government. Connecting large public players like The City of Amsterdam and the Dutch Ministry of Justice with developers and innovative ideas, Dutch Government Blockchain Projects has succeeded in building an impressive catalogue containing more than 40 blockchain pilots involving over 30 Dutch public sector organisations. You can see a few examples below and find more on

  •     The City of Utrecht created a use case for the improvement of data sharing within the waste sector.
  •     The City of Zaanstad established a procedure for a DIY marriage and divorce on the blockchain.
  •     The province of Noord-Brabant developed a use case that showed it would possible to reduce the time to get through the administrative and financial processes for subsidies from 13 weeks to 13 minutes.

The Kick Off
On May 4th Nordic Blockchain Association and QVARTZ will co-host an inspirational seminar called ‘Blockchain in the public sector’, where public sector leaders can gain the latest insights and knowledge on how blockchain can be used in the public sector.

We are proud to announce that Marloes Pomp, the co-founder and the main driver behind the success of the Dutch Government Blockchain Projects, will present relevant use-cases that afternoon.

Together with technical experts, such as blockchain developers and researchers as well as blockchain startups and Danish government organisations, we aim to develop use cases for the application of blockchain technology in the public sector.

If you want to participate in our Pilot Projects with Dutch Blockchain Coalition, please see the this article

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