Høje-Taastrup kommune er case i blockchain pilot

Af Jeppe Mølgaard / Billede af Pedro Altomar.  Kommunernes Landsforening undersøger potentialet for at bruge blockchain-teknologi i den offentlige forvaltning med et pilotprojekt i Høje-Taastrup som case.   Programmører fra Nordic Blockchain Association har på bestilling fra kommunernes IT-fællesskab KOMBIT og Kommunernes Landsforening demonstreret med en case i Høje-Taastrup Kommune, hvordan blockchain-teknologi kan blive et

MakerDAO releases multi-collateral stablecoin – aims to change world of finance

By Jeppe Mølgaard MakerDAO, the organisation behind one of the world’s most used stablecoins, just released a multi collateral version of their product. The upgrade aims to revolutionise the world of finance bringing new advantages into the world of cryptocurrencies. The price of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are too volatile to ever be

World’s biggest retailers make food production safer with IBM’s blockchain

By Jeppe Mølgaard The world’s biggest retail companies use IBM’s blockchain platform IBM Food Trust to make their food production safer and more efficient throughout the supply chain. The platform has now been released to the general public.  Walmart, Nestle, Kroger, Carrefour. The list goes on… The past year and a half some of the

Blockchain in the public sector

Nordic Blockchain Association partners with Dutch Government Blockchain Projects – co-creating best practices Blockchain technology has a large disruptive potential that is already evident in the private sector, and the public sector is not immune to the paradigmatic shift of the blockchain revolution. The Danish public sector needs the tools to understand the threats and

Anticipating and tackling regulative challenges

Blockchain can be reconciled with GDPR requirements The European Union GDPR-directive has clear consequences for public blockchain based databases famous for their immutability and public access. With some thought put towards the issue, a Nordic Blockchain Association analysis shows it is possible to reconsile blockchain-development and GDPR. The primary conflict between Blockchain and GDPR resides

Blockchain creates trust in business

It’s a costly and slow process when a company with a large supply chain has to choose a partner in business, or when banks have to make risk analysis of potential customers (KYC). Blockchain technology creates trust in this process and removes risks, says experts.

Debate on the aftermath of Blockchain at TechBBQ

Foto credit: Sebastian Stigsby © Debate on the aftermath of Blockchain at TechBBQ Even the H.K.H Crown Prince of Denmark attended   On the screen behind the ‘Forest’ stage a question was posted by a gentleman from the audience – “To what extent is the blockchain hype simply the result of financial speculation? Is it

2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study

Presented by Cambridge Judge Business School The second edition of the Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study provides new insights into the current state of the cryptoasset industry. The study gathers survey data from more than 180 cryptoasset companies and individuals, covering 47 countries across five world regions. The empirical analysis specifically focuses on the following four key

Impact by Blockchain

Modern technology makes investing in the future easy Last week the Nordic Blockchain Association was invited to speak at the Copenhagen Impact Investing Days (CIID) – a conference for social entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, academics and policy makers held by the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). The Nordic Blockchain Association was asked to speak during a specialised