FAQ Nordic Blockchain Association

Would you like to work with us? Do you have questions about Blockchain? Would you like to get involved in our next event? You can find most of your answers here. Feel free to contact us.

  • How can I get involved in Nordic Blockchain Association?

    The Nordic Blockchain Association facilitates meetups and events several times every month, and we suggest you start by meeting us and other like-minded people there. After all, we are building a community. Be sure to visit the rest of our website or check us out online on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We regularly post updates on events, articles and other relevant material for you to learn more.

    You are also welcome to give us a call in person, and we will try to help you along.

    We are currently working to establish a crowdsourcing platform and a general knowledge-bank to support the development of Blockchain technology and its applications in the society of tomorrow.

  • When is your next event?

    The next events are:

    If you feel like there should be an event near you, please let us know.

  • Is it possible to start a new division/chapter?

    The short answer is “yes”, but we would like you to understand the process well, so once you are done reading up on our website, please reach out.

    🔗Apply here. 

  • What are the requirements for becoming a partner ?

    As a general rule, the Nordic Blockchain Association is open to partnerships with most organizations, groups and businesses. However, a potential partnership may not infringe upon our general values and ethics.

    We invite all potential partners to reach out, so we can get to know each other. Please see our contacts page for additional information.

    As a partner you can collaborate on some or more of the following categories:

    • Co-create events, hackathons and conferences with us
    • Logo/Brand promotion through website & other media
    • Recruit talent through our Project Bank and network-channels
    • Get speaker time at events
    • Get free tickets to conferences & workshops
    • Access research database & learning platform (Under construction)
    • Access quarterly industry reports (Under construction)


    Contact us and we can arrange a meeting.

  • Are you hiring staff for the Nordic Blockchain Association?

    We are hiring! Check out the vacancies here.

  • Can I become a member of the Nordic Blockchain Association?

    We do offer memberships through our website. Members of the Nordic Blockchain Association have access to a range of free events, VIP-events as well as rebated and early access tickets for high profile events.

  • Do you give investment advice?

    No. Our mission is to promote the importance of Blockchain technology into public discourse and its implementation in society. We wish to remain non-biased and assert a role as experts and thus we do not give investment advice.

  • Do you endorse specific ICO’s?

    The Nordic Blockchain Association does not endorse any ICO.

  • Where are you located?

    The Nordic Blockchain Association is based in Copenhagen where the founding chapter has its HQ. We have an additional chapter in Aarhus.

  • Does the Nordic Blockchain Association have a political standpoint?

    Beyond working actively to promote blockchain-technology in all relevant forums, including amongst political actors, the NBA has no political affiliation or political project. We neither favor nor advocate any ideological position, established or imagined.

  • Does anybody make a profit from the Nordic Blockchain Association?

    The Nordic Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization. As off now we are a volunteer organization as well, but we do aim to pay our employees.

  • Can I join the Nordic Blockchain Association from abroad?

    Currently, our only international branch outside Denmark is located in Sweden, but no matter where you live we invite you to join us online and get involved now – perhaps you can help start our next chapter.