Blockchain Pilot Projects

Blockchain Pilot Projects

Nordic Blockchain Association x Dutch Blockchain Coalition x KL x KOMBIT

Blockchain technology is going to revolutionise and completely transform both the public and private sectors. The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and its changing the world as we know it. Fast.

We have seen blockchain technologies begin to transform the private sector, disrupting business models in many industries, from finance to agriculture. The public sector is not immune to this paradigmatic shift. Rather, its participating organisations are so deeply embedded in all aspects of society, that the traditional hierarchical government organisation will find it difficult to accommodate new and flexible ways of working.

To navigate the inevitable digital transformation, the Danish public sector ought to understand the threats and opportunities of the disruptive and groundbreaking blockchain technologies. We, at Nordic Blockchain Association, together with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, KL and KOMBIT, are working together to help the Danish public sector create a tangible framework to reduce fraud, corruption, error and the cost of paper intensive processes.

Together with technical experts, such as blockchain developers, researchers, blockchain startups, among others, and the Danish public sector organisations, we aim to develop use cases for the application of blockchain technologies.  The objective of these Blockchain Pilot Projects is to enhance the knowledge regarding blockchain, to create tangible solutions to pressing issues within the public sector, and to create a positive impact on society.



¹Qvartz ‘Digital transformation. Public Sector Report 2018 Denmark’
²Government Office for Science ‘Distributed Ledger technology: beyond blockchain’

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