Core Team

Dan Taki

CEO & Board Member

Lennart Kirk

Chairman & Co-founder

Nicklas Peyk Millgaard

Vice Chairman & Head of Pilot Projects | Co-founder

Jacob Pouncey


Bo Hembæk Svensson

Strategy and Business Development | Executive Advisor

30+ years of IT industry experience within software, cloud, etc. Appointed member of EU Blockchain Observatory workgroup and Danish Industry Association Fintech Panel. TEDx speaker. Layman scientific researcher.

Martin Danty

UX Designer

A fulbright-winning experienced UX designer with a previous history working at companies like Nordea, KMD, YouSee and now work as a Design Consultant at Microsoft. He is experienced in designing apps, platforms dashboard and websites.

Michael larsen

UX Designer

Michael is a skilled UX designer who hold’s a Masters degree from IT University of Copenhagen and has a former history as a UX designer working at the The IT and Development Agency of the Danish Ministry of Taxation.

Ryan E. Long

Attorney & Content Writer

Ryan E. Long is an Associated Expert within in blockchain from a legislative perspective.
He holds a background as an US attorney and fellow at Stanford University. He has facilitated numerous of talks at various institutions.

Calum Brock

Business Development Representative

Gunnar Sumberg

Business Development Executive | Executive Advisor

Gunnar Sumberg has over 30+ years of sales experience and management. He is a former Sales Director at Dell and have facilitated numerous sales courses as coach.

Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen

Co-founder & Advisor

Jeppe Mølgaard

PR & communications Manager, Journalist

Experienced content writer, social media manager, brand storyteller. Former SoMe & content writer at the Big Four company, KPMG.

Toby Van Buynder

IT Developer