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Nordic Blockchain Association is one of the biggest non profit blockchain organisations in the nordics. We are an international distributed organisation that is based on Scandinavian values of democracy, trust and transparency, as well as adherence to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Nordic blockchain Association is a network facilitator where our goal is to help facilitate impactful organizations, solutions and networks that utilize blockchain and DLT (distributed ledger technology) to address the challenges of living in a society that is being transformed by the fourth industrial revolution.

Our Vision and mission:

Nordic Blockchain Association works with the dissemination of knowledge, and empowering of public and private sector to make use of blockchain technology for the benefit of society.


Nordic Blockchain Conference

300+ industry leaders & professionals met in the astounding hall at the confederation of the danish industry, to explore the impact of blockchain in both the private & public sector through a day packed with interesting speakers such as Lars Seier, Niklas Nikolajsen and 40+ more

Conference at the IT-University in Copenhagen

200+ blockchain enthusiasts & students met at the IT university of Copenhagen to learn, explore and network. Through a collaborative effort of Nordic Blockchain Association and various universities around Denmark, the kick starting event Nordic Blockchain Association’s of network & community had begun

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Become a part of one of the biggest blockchain networks in the nordics and be part of the future within blockchain technology by becoming a member of Nordic Blockchain Association. We offer memberships for both privates as well as professionals – startup’s, SME’s and big corporate companies.



Blockchain Projects

Nordic Blockchain Association joined forces with Kommuners Landsforening (Local Government Denmark) & Kombit for a 6 month blockchain pilot project about.

Together with experts from diverse backgrounds, from software development to anthropology among others, Nordic Blockchain Association facilitates the development of use cases for the future application of blockchain and other decentralized technologies.

The objective of blockchain pilot projects is to educate entities in the public and private sectors on the current state and the future potential of the technologies through co-creating practical blockchain applications. We believe that the co-creation of tangible, scalable and sustainable blockchain use cases could inspire collective action towards developing innovations with a positive social impact

If you have any questions regarding our blockchain projects please do not hesitate contacting Nicklas on mail.

Nicklas Peyk Millgaard
Head of Blockchain projects
Email –


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Solidity Intro 

This course is specifically tailored for developing on
Ethereum in Solidity, being the most widespread smart contract development language.

Consortium blockchains à la Hyperledger

This 2 days training and workshop gives a detailed overview on the Hyperledger consortium blockchain technologies, including but not limited to provide in-depth programming knowledge to Fabric Composer.

Distributed Ledger Technology with R3 Corda

This 2 days workshop gives an in-depth summary for the R3 Corda distributed ledger technology, focusing mostly on developing Corda DApp-s. Try them out personally.


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